Below is a compilation of links to websites belonging to friends or family, other ones I’ve built, or just cool sites in general that I want to record here.

Personal 👤

Cincinnati 🏙

  • - A great Cincinnati bike courier service and resource for food delivery
  • - Cincideutsch, the German-speaking club I helped found in Cincinnati
  • - Cincinnati’s independent news and arts tabloid
  • - Ohio public broadcasting including the Governor’s addresses
  • - Chris Anderson’s new blog capturing all the fun science locally
  • - Chris Anderson’s awesome home for mind-blowing science knowledge
  • - A Cincinnati-focused online publication for community storytelling

News/Blogs 📰

  • - No nonsense German news in a plain text format with a tech focus

Technology 📱

Travel 🧳

  • - Your guide to the annual Viehscheid events happening throughout the Allgäu
  • - A Swiss hiking hobbyist who’s logged some serious miles and recorded everything

Web 🌎

  • - Fascinating gallery of brutalism-inspired websites
  • - Excellent resources on the IndieWeb and how you can be part of it
  • - My account, which contains all the posts from this journal
  • - A keyboard-focused web browser that can be used on many different platforms