Cincideutsch Evolves

    Last week, Cincideutsch, the local German language club that I helped found, celebrated its 7th year anniversary. Pictured below you’ll see two of the cofounders, Linda and me. It was an event not to be missed, as our organization looks to evolve more than ever before this year, starting with our official membership.

    As a non-profit organization, Cincideutsch has a lot of potential to work with the local community and actively promote our proud German heritage in Cincinnati. In having official members, we are hoping to find new channels of donorship and elicit ideas from our core devotees.

    If you are in the Cincinnati Tri-state area and have any interest in German language and culture, consider joining us at our weekly Stammtisch at Mecklenburg Gardens at 6pm.

    Cincideutsch’s 7th Anniversary

    I’ve clearly forgotten how unpleasant the process of moving into a new house is. That said, we are mostly moved and will be happy about it one day soon.

    Feeling Wanderlust already and we haven’t even made it halfway through January. Excited to fly back to Germany in April and meet with good friends.

    Louisville is a cool city, decidedly. We don’t even have enough time to visit half of the bars/eateries we wanted. Let’s not even get started on the distilleries. Good show, ’Ville!

    Christmas in Chicago / how I miss actual winter weather.

    Winter at Lake Michigan

    Merry Christmas, World!

    It’s going to be an uphill battle burning cals today. Is build-your-own anything ever a healthy option?

    Skyline Chili

    If you don’t already follow him, I highly recommend a visit to Manton Reece’s weblog. Today, he has announced the public availability of, a project that originated on Kickstarter and now has begun steadily gaining a following on its own. The platform aligns with my blog mission and further facilitates the process of easily rolling out your own and aggregating blogs you follow into one view. My journal is now microblog-able so you can also follow me from there.

    Engagement Party

    Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated our engagement among family and friends at Liberty’s Bar & Bottle in Over-the-Rhine. It was a fantastic turnout and the perfect way to kick off what will be a long series of celebrations and sparkling wine as we eventually narrow in on our wedding date.

    Engagement Party Portrait


    On Sunday, December 10th, 2017, I proposed to Katie on Lake Como in Italy and she said yes. What a magnificent feeling it is after almost three years of dating. I could not be happier to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend and strongest supporter in life. 🥂

    An Engagement Photo