Merry Christmas, World!

    It’s going to be an uphill battle burning cals today. Is build-your-own anything ever a healthy option?

    Skyline Chili

    If you don’t already follow him, I highly recommend a visit to Manton Reece’s weblog. Today, he has announced the public availability of, a project that originated on Kickstarter and now has begun steadily gaining a following on its own. The platform aligns with my blog mission and further facilitates the process of easily rolling out your own and aggregating blogs you follow into one view. My journal is now microblog-able so you can also follow me from there.

    Engagement Party

    Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated our engagement among family and friends at Liberty’s Bar & Bottle in Over-the-Rhine. It was a fantastic turnout and the perfect way to kick off what will be a long series of celebrations and sparkling wine as we eventually narrow in on our wedding date.

    Engagement Party Portrait


    On Sunday, December 10th, 2017, I proposed to Katie on Lake Como in Italy and she said yes. What a magnificent feeling it is after almost three years of dating. I could not be happier to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend and strongest supporter in life. 🥂

    An Engagement Photo


    I’m returning to the world of online journaling in this age of mass microblogging in hopes of reminding netizens that not everything revolves around two or three social media platforms.

    Imagine a world wide web wherein someone wants to know what another is up to—they could navigate to that person’s domain and be immediately presented with micro updates, long-form reads, photographs, stories, music, and more. Guess what? They can. Even more, they can share these publications with friends using hyperlinks. They can even comment via email and express how much they liked something.

    Today, I embark on a simple mission to share bits and pieces of my life, the thoughts swirling in my head, and anything that I deem worth sharing with people who are curious to know. There will be no tracking of any kind. I will not present you with advertisements of things you’ve been shopping for. It will simply be my words and my media.

    Should you be interested in a conversation regarding one of my posts or more, I’ll gladly discourse with you via email. Please find my email address in the footer section of this page.

    Lastly, if you don’t like following me, no need to press an Unfollow button. Simply close your browser window.